Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Kassatkina A.P., Kosyanenko D.V., Kоsyanenko A.A.

Chaetognatha from Vostok Bay, Sea of Japan

Year: 2016, Number: 2, Pages: 100-112

This paper provides a brief taxonomic review of Chaetognatha of the Marine Reserve “Zaliv Vostok” (Vostok Bay, Sea of Japan, Russia) and adjacent water areas. Diagnosis of subclass Sagittiones Kassatkina, 2011, order Aphragmophora Tokioka, 1965, subfamily Sagittinae Claus et Groben, 1905, genera of Sagitta, Parasagitta, Leptosagitta, Vitreosagitta, Omittosagitta, Aidanosagitta, Ferosagitta, Mesosagitta, и Oligoradiata were done. The list includes 47 species collected from 1971 to 2016.

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