Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Muhina T.I., Pshenichnikov B.F., Pshenichnikova N.F.

Profile Distribution Regularities of Soil Nematode Fauna in Lazovsky Reserve Burozems

Year: 2016, Number: 2, Pages: 47-59

The research focuses on species diversity of nematode fauna in burozems of the maritime area of the south-eastern part of Lazovsky Reserve. We found 29 soil nematode species, of which 22 species are free-living nematodes and 7 species are root-dwelling stylet nematodes. The research shows that nematode species composition is far more diverse in burozems under thin grass oak forest than in burozems under closed oak forest. We also analyzed profile distribution of nematode species in burozem genetic horizons and showed nematode habitat preference. Rhabditida and spear-bearing Dorylaimida are the two soil nematode orders, best represented in the research sample material. However nematode total is rather low, with most nematodes in larvae stage.

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