Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Gluschenko Yu.N., Scopin A.E., Sotnikov V.N., Gilmudinov R.H.

On the study of fauna and bird population of the Inle Lake Biosphere Reserve, Eastern Myanmar

Year: 2016, Number: 2, Pages: 17-31

In October 2015 the bird surveys in Inle Lake Biosphere Reserve (Eastern Myanmar) have been carried out. We registered 75 species of birds from 32 families and 11 orders. The most abundant species of the waterfowls was Little Cormorant – Phalacrocorax niger, and the most common representative were an Asian Openbill – Anastomus oscitans, Eastern Cattle Egret – Bubulcus coromandus and Indian Pond-Heron – Ardeola grayii.

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