Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Razzhigaeva N.G., Ganzey L.A. , Panichev A.M., Arslanov Kh.A., Mokhova L.M., Kopoteva T.A., Kudryavtseva E.P., Grebennikova T.A., Makarova T.R., Maksimov F.E., Petrov A.Yu.

Retrospective analysis of landscape variability of Bik in River Basin (middle current)

Year: 2016, Number: 1, Pages: 173-210

The development of mountain, valley and swamp landscapes in the Late Pleistocene-Holocene, in the Bikin River basin where a national park have been created. The studied area includes the nearby foothills of the Western Sikhote-Alin were analyzed. Purpose – to reconstruct the variability of the landscape at the scale of last hundreds and thousands years during different climate change and under influence azonal factors such as fires and floods. The reconstructions are based on data from multi-proxy study of the sections exposed different age peatbogs, including sedimentological, botanical, pollen, diatom analysis and radiocarbon dating. Some stages of landscape development were established, the factors that lead to their restructuring are discussed, and a retrospective analysis of variability and stability of geosystems different ranks was made.

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