Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Belous O.S., Drozdov A.L.

Epiphytes and hemiparasites of red algae Laurencia nipponica Yamada (Peter the Great Bay, Sea of Japan)

Year: 2015, Number: 1, Pages: 13-31

We investigated epiphytes and hemiparasites of the red alga Laurencia nipponica Yamada from Peter the Great Bay, the Sea of Japan. The red alga Janczewskia morimotoi Tokida and diatoms Cocconeis spp. were revealed in large numbers on L. nipponica in June 2012-2013. Their distribution, morphology and the effect on the host-plant were studied. It is not only J. morimotoi that can have an adverse effect on the growth of L. nipponica in mass foulings, but there are other foulers as well.

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