Tatyana Moskalyuk

Laboratory of Dendrology
Research Fellow
Doctor of biological sciences

Research interests: Phytocoenology (phytocoenotic structure of forest communities: methods of study, geographical and ectopic patterns, theoretical and applied aspects, classification of coenoelements); forest science (forest-forming process, natural and anthropogenic dynamics of forest ecosystems, ground-based environmental monitoring, stationary studies, problems of Far East forestry); biology, ecology and biomorphology of forest plants; consortium ties (influence of wild animals on vegetation, conservation of habitats of Red Book animals); problems of forest biodiversity (natural restoration of vegetation in areas disturbed by fires and mining operations; invasions of tree and shrub species); primary forest productivity; rational environmental management.

E-mail: tat.moskaluk@mail.ru

I have graduated from the forestry faculty of the Primorsky Agricultural Institute with a degree of forestry engineer. Total experience in scientific organizations is 63 years, including 11 years at the Magadan Forest Experimental Station (FES) of Far Eastern Forestry Institute, the rest of the time in the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Institute of Biological Problems of the North (IBPN), Mountain Taiga Station (MTS) and Botanical Garden Institute (BGI). At the Magadan FES I was engaged in researching the consequences of forest fires, biological stability and primary productivity of forests at the northern limit, at the IBPN I studied the primary productivity and phytocenotic structure of forests, and restoration of vegetation cover in disturbed areas. To this day, I continue to officially provide advisory assistance to IBPS employees on environmental forest problems. Since 1992, in Primory Territory, I have continued research on the phytocenotic structure of derived forests of Southern Primorye, including anthropogenic sea buckthorn communities. Researches were supervised by me at the ecological profiles "Snow Valley" (Northern Okhotsky Sea-coast) and "Mountain-taiga" (Southern Primorye), created in the main types of derivative forests to study the reforestation process. I defended dissertations in the specialty 03.00.05 – botany: in 1984 – for the degree of candidate of. biol. sci, in 2005 – for the degree of doctor of biol. sci. From 2005 to 2012, I taught part-time as a professor at the School of Pedagogy of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) in Ussuriysk. Over the years, I was a scientific opponent of dissertations, executive editor of collections of scientific papers and monographs, and was the supervisor of undergraduate and graduate students. For more than 15 years, I have been serving as the chairman of the State Certification Commissions for the specialty “ecology” at the School of Pedagogy FEFU and for the forestry specialty at the Institute of Forestry and Forest-Park Management of the Primorsky State Agricultural Academy. Every year I participate in scientific and practical conferences at various levels in Russia and abroad. I am a member of the editorial board of the Siberian Forest Journal, a reviewer of the journals "Forest Science", "Messenger of the North East Scientific Center FEB RAS", "Questions of Forestry Science" and the electronic journal "Newsletter of the BGI FEB RAS"; in 2022, I was recommended as a candidate member of the RAS Expert Council for Natural Sciences from the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. During the work, 140 works were published, including 5 works in popular science magazines "Nature" and "Chemistry and Life: XXI Century". The publications include four monographs and three electronic lecture courses on academic disciplines for environmental universities: biogeocenology, general ecology and flora of the Far East (short course). Based on more than 20 years of researches, the Database "Ecological and cenotic structure of derived broad-leaved forests of Southern Primorye" was created (co-authored with A.V. Kuprin; State Register Certificate BD No. 2022622788 dated 11/09/2022)

Selected publications