Yu. A. Tshistjakov

A review of the thyatirin-moths (Lepidoptera, Drepanidae: Thyatirinae) of the Russian Far East.

Number: 168, Pages: 1 - 20

Twenty seven species of Thyatirinae are reviewed. Epipsestis nikkoensis Mats. and Shinploca shini Kim are recorded for the first time from Russia and Thogaria suzukiana Mats. is newly recorded from the North Kuriles and South of Primorskii krai. New synonymy is proposed for Cymatophora angustata Staudinger, 1888 = Palimpsestis ampliata angustimedia Warren, 1912 syn. n. New status is established for Tethea ampliata angustata (Staudinger, 1888) nom. resurr. et stat. n. The data on general distribution, habitats and the host plants are summarized.

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