S.V. Prokopenko

Floristic features of plant communities of Kobresia filifolia (turcz.) Clarke in Primorsky Krai

Year: 2017, Issue: LXV, Pages: 119 - 162

The partial flora of a small area with the dominance of Kobresia filifolia (ca. 1500–2000 m2) in vicinity of Dal’negorsk town has been studied. This is the only one population of this species in Primorsky Krai. The large discontinui- ties in the distribution in the Far East are characteristic for some continental species growing with Kobresia filifolia (e.g., Minuartia verna, Carex rupestris, Artemisia commutata, Thalictrum petaloideum, etc.). Such species are consid- ered as relict elements of the hemixerophilic part of the extensive “Pleistocene forest-steppe floristic complex” of Eurasia in the sense of I.M. Krasheninnikov. The plant communities of Kobresia filifolia in Sichote-Alin Range represented

DOI: 10.25221/kl.65.8

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