V.A. Bakalin, K.G. Klimova

Liverwort flora of Nature Park “Nalychevo” (Kamchatka Peninsula)

Year: 2017, Issue: LXV, Pages: 29 - 54

The liverwort checklist of the Nature Park “Nalychevo” is compiled. It counts 84 species and 2 varieties, including 33 taxa recorded for studied area for the first time. Each species is annotated with the data on ecological habitat, altitu- dinal diapason, accompanying taxa and list of vouchers. Solenostoma rossicum, Cordaea flotoviana, Marsupella apertifolia and Riccardia decrescens are newly reported for Kamchatka, with the latter two are new for Russia too. The high specificity of the liverwort flora in the park (in comparison with other hepatic local floras in Kamchatka Peninsula) is caused by the occurrence of taxa associated with the evidences of hydrothermal activity, pyroclastic substrata, basic раmires developed over travertine deposits as well as with mild oceanic climate. The flora houses a number of rare (both in Kamchatka and Russia) taxa that implies the great importance of the protection of this territory for the conser- vation of liverwort taxonomic diversity in the Russian Far East.

DOI: 10.25221/kl.65.2

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