N.A. Kochunova

Xylotrophic basidial fungi in Zeyskii Nature Reserve (Amurskaya Oblast’)

Year: 2016, Issue: LXIV, Pages: 119 - 137

The article presents data on taxonomic composition, ecological and coenotic features as well as the distribution of xylotrophic fungi in the territory of Zeyskii nature reserve. As the results of research (2000, 2014 – 2015), 156 species were identified, which belong to 90 genera, 30 families and 12 orders. For the first time in Zeyskii reserve 34 taxa of fungi were indicated, of which 8 species and 4 genera are new to the Amurskaya Oblast’. It also provides information about the locations of new fungal species listed in the Red Book of the Amurskaya Oblast’. The rare species Polyporus umbellatus was found for the first time in the Amurskaya Oblast’. Species indicators of coniferous forests (Fom topsis cajanderi, F. rosea) were revealed in the mycobiota of the study area, this confirms the low anthropogenic impact on the forest ecosystems of the territory.

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