E. V. Andysheva, E. P. Khramova, P. V. Krestov

Morphological and biochemical features of Dasiphora (Rosaceae) in the Russian Far East and the Baikal Siberia

Year: 2016, Issue: LXIV, Pages: 72 - 100

The morphological variability, composition and the content of phenolic compounds in five species and one variety of the genus Dasiphora: D. fruticosa, D. parvifolia, D. mandshurica, D. gorovoii, D. davurica s. str., D. davurica var. flava, as well as intraspecific and interpopulation morphological variability of D. fruticosa, were studied. Each of the species under study has its own phenolic profile. Main glycosides of flavonol types were identified: the quercetin glycosides characterized D. fruticosa and D. davurica, rhamnetin glycosides – D. mandshurica and D. gorovoii, kaempferol glycosides – D. mandshurica and D. fruticosa. D. fruticosa and D. gorovoii have maximum content of phenolic com- pounds (total and by groups), D. fruticosa and D. davurica – maximum content of ellagic tannins. The morphological features of leaf and calyx in Dasiphora can be used for species identification.

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