T.A. Bezdeleva

Structural –biological characteristics of life forms in some species of Potentilla (Rosaceae) in the Russian Far East

Year: 2016, Issue: LXIV, Pages: 47 - 71

The genus Potentilla is characterized by the diversity of life forms, varying from pillow-like semishrub, semishrub, herbaceous perennial polycarpic and herbaceous annual monocarpic. The most of herbaceous species are taproot plants. Two patterns of the life forms formation are observed in Potentilla of the Russian Far East: monopodial rosette and sympodial semirosette, with the former being primary and the latter being secondary. P. acervata, P. longifolia and P. fragarioides are characterized by the ability to develop the both types of shoot formation: monopodial rosette in primary shoot and sympodial semirosette in lateral generative shoots.

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