Chernyagina O.A., Probatova N.S.

Primula kawasimae H. Hara (Primulaceae) on the Kamchatka Peninsula

Year: 2023, Issue: LXXI, Pages: 183 - 190

Primula kawasimae H. Hara is reliably known in Russia only on Sakhalin Island and Kamchatka Peninsula. It is listed in the Red Books of Sakhalin Region and Kamchatka Krai. For a long time it was listed for Kamchatka based on the only collection of V. V. Yakubov from the eastern coast of the peninsula. In 2017, the species was found in Central Kamchatka (Bystrinsky District). In 2022, habitats with abundant Primula kawashimae were found in the Bystrinsky District. We took photos of plants in different phenological phases, collected herbarium specimens and seeds, and determined chromosome numbers.

DOI: 10.25221/kl.71.7

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