Bukharova N.V.

Steccherinum aurantilaetum (Corner) Bernicchia et Gorjón (Basidiomycota) in the Far East of Russia

Year: 2021, Issue: LXIX, Pages: 124 - 129

Steccherinum aurantilaetum is a predominantly East Asian polyporoid fungus from the Steccherinaceae. It was first discovered in the Krasnoarmeisky District of the Primorye and in the Khabarovsk Territory. Previously, it was known only in the «Kedrovaya Pad» Nature Reserve in the Primorye and in the «Bastak» Nature Reserve in the Jewish Autonomous Region (for the territory of Russia). An original description of the species based on Far Eastern material is given, and a map of the general distribution of S. aurantilaetum is presented for the first time.

DOI: 10.25221/kl.69.8

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