Bogacheva A.V., Bochkareva Yu.V.

The entomophylic fungi study in the Prymorye (Russian Far East)

Year: 2021, Issue: LXIX, Pages: 117 - 123

After a long break, research on entomophylic fungi has been restarted in the Prymorye. Earlier surveys showed an exceptional species diversity of the territory - about 70 species. This is 20-25% of the total species number known in the world. This group of fungi is given unjustifiably little attention in our region. They significantly affect the dynamics of insect populations in the ecosystem. In addition, the use of compounds produced by entomophylic fungi in medicine is gaining increasing popularity. We studied 31 samples from the collection of entomophilic fungi of the Far Eastern Regional Herbarium (VLA). The analysis of the obtained data allowed us to clarify the distribution and diversity of entomophilic species in the Region. Data on the distribution of Cordyceps deflectens, C. militaris, C. takaomontana, Ophiocordyceps crinalis, O. nutans, O. sphecocephala, O. tricentri and O. variabilis have been clarified and supplemented. For O. tricentri data on the spectrum of host insects are expanded.

DOI: 10.25221/kl.69.7

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