Yakubov V.V., Barkalov V.Yu., Mochalova O.A., Sekretareva N.A.

New findings of Carex L. in the Russian Far East

Year: 2021, Issue: LXIX, Pages: 102 - 107

New finds in the Russian Far East species of Carex L. (C. atrofusca Schkuhr, C. enanderi Hultén, C. enervis C.A. Mey., C. heleonastes Ehrh., C. hepburnii Boott, C. krausei Boeckeler, C. leporina L.) are reported and taxonomic comments are given for some of them. Carex enanderi is first indicated for the flora of Russia, the rest of the species – as floristic novelties for a particular territory in the Russian Far East.

DOI: 10.25221/kl.69.5

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