Moskalyuk Т.A.

Transformation of the herbaceous layer over 20 years of restoration succession in broad-leaved forests with lianas in the south of Primorye territory

Year: 2021, Issue: LXIX, Pages: 26 - 78

The structure of herbaceous layer in the conditionally-indigenous mixed broad-leaved type of forest with lianas and its change for 1998-2018 are analyzed. Research was carried out at the ecological profile "Gornotayozhniy" (Ussuriysky district, Primorye Territory). A general description of phytocoenoesis is given. Complexes of microgroups of the herbaceous layer, united by the similarity of species composition, life forms and seasonal development, have been identified and characterized. Cartographic schemes of the herbaceous layer with the placement of microgroups at the beginning of research and after 20 years were compiled. It has been established that in the structure of herbaceous layer of forest ecosystems the directions of regular changes caused by the course of the forest-forming process are clearly traced.

DOI: 10.25221/kl.69.2

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