Bukharova N.V., Bulakh E.M., Kazarin V.M.

Rare hydnoid fungus Hydnellum geogenium (Fr.) Banker (Thelephorales, Basidiomycota) in the Far East of Russia

Year: 2020, Issue: LXVIII, Pages: 127 - 133

Hydnellum geogenium is a hydnoid fungus of Bankeraceae easily recognizable by the specific yellow-greenish color of fruiting bodies. It is widespread but is rare everywhere. In the Far East of Russia it is known only from two localities: Botchinsky Natural Reserve (Khabarovsk Territory) and Kunashir Island (Sakhalin Region). The author’s description of the Far Eastern samples as well as photographs of microstructures on light and on scanning electron microscopes are given.

DOI: 10.25221/kl.68.9

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