Seledets V.P., Probatova N.S.

Ecological niche of Commelina communis (Commelinaceae) in the Primorye territory (the Russian Far East)

Year: 2020, Issue: LXVIII, Pages: 90 - 110

On the example of Commelina communis L. (Commelinaceae), the typical weed in the south of the Russian Far East, it has been demonstrated that the invasive activity of species significantly increases in conditions of the Pacific monsoon climate. The range of the most important ecological factors (humidity, richness and salinity of soil, the soil texture as well as soil moisture variability) in the Pacific coast is wider than in continental areas. It is quite possible that in the south of Primorye Territory we have the northern part of the Commelina communis natural area of distribution.

DOI: 10.25221/kl.68.6

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