N.V. Bukharova

The first data on aphyllophoraceous fungi of the Khankaisky Natural Reserve (Primorye Territory)

Year: 2019, Issue: LXVII, Pages: 271 - 282

The mycological studies were carried out on the Khankaisky State Nature Biosphere Reserve located in the Primorye Territory (south of the Russian Far East). The material was collected in the broadleaved forests. In total, 36 species of aphyllophoraceous fungi (non-gilled macroscopic Basidiomycota) were recorded, 28 of them were found in the reserve for the first time. Abortiporus biennis is the second finding for the Russian Far East. Bjerkandera fumosa has been registered for the Primorye Territory for the first time. Abortiporus biennis, Fomitiporia punctata, Ganoderma applanatum and Sarcodontia spumea cause destruction of trunks and roots of living trees. Hericium coralloides is included in the Red Data Book of the Primorye Territory.

DOI: 10.25221/kl.67.10

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