Sh.R. Abdullin

Biodiversity and distribution of cyanobacteria and algae in various types of habitats in the caves of Russia and some neighboring countries

Year: 2019, Issue: LXVII, Pages: 253 - 263

The impact of habitat type on biodiversity and distribution of cyanobacteria and algae was examined in 50 caves of Russia and 3 caves of Republic of Abkhaziya. It is revealed that it has a statistically significant effect. Representatives of the Cyanobacteria (Cyanoprokaryota) and Cyanophyceae dominated in the ground, on the walls and in the aeroplankton of the studied caves; representatives of Chlorophyta, Cyanophyceae and Chlorophyceae prevailed in pelagic zone; representatives of Ochrophyta and Bacillariophyceae dominated in the bottom sediments. The greatest species richness of cyanobacteria and algae was found in the ground of the caves, the smallest – in the aeroplankton.

DOI: 10.25221/kl.67.8

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