T.A. Bezdeleva

Structural and biological peculiarities of Cardaminopsis gemmifera (Brassicaceae) in the Primorye Territory (Russian Far East)

Year: 2019, Issue: LXVII, Pages: 245 - 252

The life form of Cardaminopsis gemmifera (Matsum.) Berkut. from the south of Primorye Territory is described in detail. The plant is a typical species of the wet plots in floodplain forests, along the brooks in shady places. For the first time the unusual phenomenon in С. gemmifera was revealed: its shoots, being straight during flowering, are lying when fruiting, they root in the nodes, even in nodes of  inflorescence,  and  develop  the  rosette  shoots  in  the  nodes.  Moreover,  the rosette shoots mostly develop in the inflorescence. The life form of C. gemmifera can be determined as follows: wintergreen short rhizomatous – racemose rooting species, sympodially growing, herbaceous polycarpic with a semi-rosette dicyclic monocarpic shoot lying when fruiting and forming the daughter rosette shoots in the inflorescence. It is a highly specialized life form characterizing by intensive vegetative propagation. Taking into consideration the C. gemmifera original life form, its specific biological characteristics resulting, most likely, from the adaptation to monsoon climate, as well as the diploid chromosome number (2n = 16), it can be considered as a highly specialized taxon.

DOI: 10.25221/kl.67.7

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