V.P. Seledets, N.S. Probatova

East asian species of the Poaceae in the ecotone continent – ocean: the Primorye Territory

Year: 2019, Issue: LXVII, Pages: 232 - 244

Differences in the development of ecological space by five common East Asian forest species of Poaceae in continental and coastal bioclimatic zones in the Primorye Territory were revealed. The species under study were subdivided into two groups: typical forest and forest margins taxa. The size of ecological niche was used to measure of the breadth of ecological space. Calamagrostis brachytricha Steud. has the largest ecological niche in the continental bioclimatic zone, while Achnatherum pekinense (Hance) Ohwi, Neomolinia mandshurica (Maxim.) Honda, Poa sichotensis Prob. and P. skvortzovii Prob. have the largest ecological niches in the coastal bioclimatic zone. The adaptation to coastal environment is characteristic for East Asian typical forest species, and it is conditioned by bioclimatic variations of the contact continent – ocean zone.

DOI: 10.25221/kl.67.6

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