E.B. Pospelova, S.V. Prokopenko, E.P. Kudryavtseva

Flora of the Kavalerovsky District of the Primorye Territory

Year: 2019, Issue: LXVII, Pages: 54 - 164

For the first time, the annotated list of vascular plants of the Kavalerovsky district of  the  Primorye  Territory  (974  species)  is  presented.  On  the  example  of  the Kavalerovsky district, the features of the flora of the eastern macroslope of Sikhote- Alin Ridge are considered. This flora is characterized, firstly, as nemoral, but with a slightly depleted, as compared with the Southern Primorye, composition of the nemoral elements, and in the vegetation cover there are already visible boreal species that are not typical of the coasts of Peter the Great Bay; secondly, as enriched with the Japanese Sea and endemic species for Sikhote-Alin. An important feature of the flora of the eastern macroslope of Sikhote-Alin is the intermittent distribution of species number, common in other regions of Primorye and Priamurye, some of which are known here from only 1–2 points. The role of K.I. Maksimovich in the study of the area flora as the first naturalist who worked in this area in 1860, was considered. Within the flora of Kavalerovsky district, 30 species are noted in the Red Book of the Russian Federation and in the Red Book of Primorye Territory.

DOI: 10.25221/kl.67.3

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