N.S. Probatova

Rare grass species (Poaceae) in the flora of Primorye Territory

Year: 2019, Issue: LXVII, Pages: 7 - 13

The Grass Family (Poaceae) is represented in the flora of Primorye Territory by 304 species, 77 genera. The paper deals with rare grass species in the flora of this territory. They are numerous especially in large genera – Poa (29 rare species in Primorye), Calamagrostis (23), Elymus (13). Some rare species are known from the only one locality (Agrostis sichotensis Prob., Calamagrostis sichotensis Tzvelev et Prob., С. tatianae Prob., Cleistogenes nedoluzhkoi Tzvelev, Poa zhirmunskii Prob., Zoysia japonica Steud., etc.), others – from two or few localities. The main features of their distribution (concentration) on the territory are shown. It was revealed that rare grass species mainly occur in Sikhote-Alin' mountains and ridges and near seacoasts; some of these species are endemics, some rare species occur in Primorye near the limits of their distribution areas. Their life conditions are briefly characterized. The alien rare species are also abundant in Primorye, and their number increases. They penetrate into Primorye by railways systems, in industrial regions, during landscape gardening in settlements. The monitoring of this group of grasses is needed.

DOI: 10.25221/kl.67.1

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