Kreschenok I.A., Khrapko O.V.

Polystichum craspedosorum (Maxim.) Diels in the Russian Far East

Year: 2018, Issue: LXVI, Pages: 239 - 249

Fern Polystichum craspedosorum is an East Asian species that is located in the northern part of it area on the territory of the Russian Far East. The analysis of ecological and biological features gives grounds to refer it to relict species of the Far Eastern flora. At present, the state of the P. craspedosorumon the part of its distribution across the Russian Far East is satisfactory, but the species needs to monitor the state of the populations. At the northern border of the area (Amur Region), the negative impact of the anthropogenic factor requires the development of additional measures to conserve the gene pool of this species.

DOI: 10.25221/kl.66.8

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