Sabirova N.D., Sabirov R.N.

Flora of vascular plants of the nature zakaznik «Vostochny» (Sakhalin Island)

Year: 2018, Issue: LXVI, Pages: 65 - 100

The results of a multi-year study of the vascular flora of basins Pursh-Pursh and Vengeri rivers, which were used for the preparation of scientific justification when creating a nature zakaznik «Vostochny» with a total area of 68005 ha are given. 707 species of vascular plants on the territory of zakaznik have been revealed, which representing 46.5% of the total number of known species on the Sakhalin Island. There are 31 species of rare plants, which account for almost 60% of their number in the flora of Sakhalin. The main number of endemic plants of the Sakhalin is also concentrated on the territory of the nature zakaznik, including the single endemic monotypic genus Miyakea. Taxonomic, geographic and ecologic-cenotical analyses of flora of nature zakazik were conducted.

DOI: 10.25221/kl.66.3

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