Borisova I.G., | Starchenko V.M.

Phytogeographical regionalization of Amurskaya Oblast

Year: 2018, Issue: LXVI, Pages: 28 - 64

Botanical and landscape materials collected within 1987-2015 have allowed solve phytogeographical regionalization of Amurskaya Oblast, based on the principles developed by V.B. Sochava. The border of two floristic areas (Circumboreal and East Asian) passes through the territory of Oblast. Within the Circumboreal area, three subregions are located on the territory of the Amurskaya Oblast: Okhotsk-Kamchatka, Amur-Sakhalin and East Siberian; the latter subregion includes four provinces: Nyukzha, Gilyuy-Tokskaj, Tukuringra-Soktakhan and Upper Zeya. In the Okhotsk-Kamchatka subregion there are two provinces: Dzhugdzhur and highland Uda. One province is allocated in the Amur-Sakhalin subregion: Bureya-Selemzha. Within the East Asian region two subregions were identified: Dahurian and Manchurian with 5 provinces: Amazar-Taldan, Zeya-Bureya, Upper Amur, Turan-Mamyn, Amur-Ussuri. For each region, subregion and province, the physico-geographical and geobotanical characteristics are given. Within regions and subregions, 40 districts are distinguished. In the two provinces (Dzhugdzhursk and highland Uda), the districts are not allocated because of their small area on the territory of the Amurskaya Oblast. Ecological-cenotic and taxonomic analyzes for the regions are provided, specific families and plant types are presented, lists of differential species for subregions and provinces are made up.

DOI: 10.25221/kl.66.2

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