V.L. Komarov Memorial Lectures

V.L. Komarov Memorial Lectures (Komarovskiye chteniya) are annual conferences in memory of the founder of academic science in the Far East of Russia, the outstanding botanist Vladimir Leontievich Komarov. They are devoted to the study of the flora and vegetation of the Far East.

Materials presented at the conference are published in the relevant issues of the journal "V.L. Komarov Memorial Lectures" (since 1947).

ISSN 1997-1869

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Acad. Vladimir Leontyevich Komarov (1869-1945)


  • Theoretical problems of modern botany
  • Flora and vegetation
  • Structure and functions of plant ecosystems
  • Taxonomy and systematics of plants and fungi
  • Morphology and anatomy of plants
  • History of botanical research
  • Plant conservation