Retroviral infections of cats in Vladivostok, Russia

Tabakaeva T.V., Klimovich A.A., Tsybulsky A.V., Tabakaev A.V., Shchelkanov M.Yu.

В издании 2nd International Conference on Northeast Asia Biodiversity (Baishan, China; August 27-31, 2019): Abstract

Год: 2019 Страницы: 30

Results presented in our study show a high local prevalence of FeLV in cats and low prevalence of FIV. The most cats were asymptomatic. Most infected cats also have increased ESR levels. The negative correlation was appeared between FeLV prevalence and cats’ age, sex. It would be interesting to continue the study for investigation of FeLV potential risk factors and dynamics in cats from Vladivostok.

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