The genome of new Echinophthiridae Enderlein species Antarctophthirus nevelskoyi

Chudinov I.K., Novikova V.S., Zaichenoka M., Abrasheva V.O., Ivanova T.I., Kozhemiakov K.A., Scobeyeva V.A., Artyushin I.V., Shchelkanov E.M., Moskvina T.V., Shchelkanov M.Yu.

В издании 9th Moscow Conference on Computational Molecular Biology

Год: 2019 Страницы: 153

The genome of Antarctophthirus nevelskoy was assembled from 1290603 non-paired reads acquired through whole-genome sequencing using Ion Torrent S5. Adapter removal from reads was performed with Trimmomatic-0.33. Further, genome assembly was performed by SPAdes3.13.0. 43999 contigs were obtained. After that, using DIAMOND, most homological protein sequences to the sequenced A. nevelskoyi protein sequences were identified.


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