The prevalence of FeLV and FIV infection in cats and hematological changes and clinical signs in FeLV/FIV infected cats from Vladivostok, Russia

Moskvina T., Klimovich A., Stenkova A., Tsybulsky A., Tabakaev A., Shchelkanov M.

В журнале Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Год: 2019 Том: 7 Номер: 7 Страницы: 570-573

The prevalence of FeLV and FIV infection was investigated among 44 domestic cats from Vladivostok, Russia, using commercially available PCR assays for FeLV and FIV diagnostics. The overall prevalence of FeLV was 15.9%. Higher prevalence of FeLV was registered in young cats and neutered male cats. One case of FIV+FeLV co- infection was detected (2.3%). The results of multivariate logistic regression were not show any interactions between age, sex and outdoor access and FeLV prevalence. Hematological analysis showed that most FeLV infected cats have increased levels of ESR and neutrophilia, whereas anemia and neutropenia was not detected.

DOI 10.17582/journal.aavs/2019/7.7.570.573

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