Sulfated galactans from Rhodophyta – a perspective drug against demodecosis

Grigoryan O.M., Moskvina T.V., Begun M.A., Sklyar L.F., Kalitnik A.A., Lubchenko E.N., Beniova S.N., Khotimchenko Yu.S., Shchelkanov M.Yu.

В издании North-East Asia Biodiversity: Abstract Book of the 1-st International Conference (Vladivostok, Russia; September 17-21, 2018)

Год: 2018 Страницы: 112-113

Treatment of demodicosis is usually based on the use of acaricidal drugs of general effect both orally and externally. However, Demodex mites have a thick three-layer cuticle, therefore, antiparasitic preparations of contact action are extremely inefficient, and increasing the dose means increasing toxicity including for skin cells. The way out can be polysaccharides of a structure unusual for terrestrial animals – e.g. sulfated galactans (class of sulfated polysaccharides) from red algae (Rhodophyta) consisting of partially sulphated residues of β-D-galactose and its derivatives connected with alternating α-1,3- and β-1,4-glycosidic chemical bond.

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