Toxocariasis among domestic dogs in Vladivostok: a longitudinal study

Moskvina T.V., Lubchenko E.N., Homichuk T.F., Romanova O.B., Shchelkanov M.Yu.

В издании North-East Asia Biodiversity: Abstract Book of the 1-st International Conference (Vladivostok, Russia; September 17-21, 2018)

Год: 2018 Страницы: 52-53

Totally fecal samples from 782 dogs were investigated during 8 years period of the study (1992-1995, 2014-2017). Feces were examined using flotation method with saturated NaNO3 and Zinc Sulfate solutions (specific gravity 1.2 g/l). Bivariate logistic regression analysis was used for estimation correlation between T. canis prevalence and factors such as dog age, breed, sex and season of the year. Our data show significant association between T. canis infection and male gender, similar results were recorded in dogs population in Northern Greece and India. Contrary to other authors recorded high prevalence of T. canis in puppies and young dogs, the results of present study doesn't show significant correlation.

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