Combined therapy of influenza with antiviral drugs with a different mechanism of action in comparison with monotherapy

Popov A.F., Shchelkanov M.Yu., Dmitrenko K.A., Simakova A.I.

В журнале Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research

Год: 2018 Том: 10 Номер: 2 Страницы: 357-360

Increasing of drug-resistance in influenza virus is a new serious challenge for global healthcare. Existing antiviral therapy is incompletely effective and there is a need for improving the efficacy of current treatment strategies. One of the possible ways to overcome the resistance of influenza virus is to combine the use of antiviral drugs with various mechanisms of action. To assess the efficacy of influenza А (Н1N1) pdm09 monotherapy with antiviral drugs (oseltamivir or umifenovir) versus combination of two antiviral drugs with different mechanism of action (oseltamivir+kagocel and umifenovir+kagocel), an open comparative study was conducted. All 200 patients with confirmed by RT-PCR analysis diagnosis influenza А (Н1N1) pdm09 were randomly sorted to four group of 50 persons. Group 1 received monotherapy with an influenza virus fusion inhibitor umifenovir (Arbidol); Group 2 - monotherapy with a competitive inhibitor of influenza´s neuraminidase enzyme oseltamivir (Tamiflu); Group 3 - an influenza virus fusion inhibitor umifenovir (Arbidol) in combination with an interferons inductor Kagocel; Group 4 - a competitive inhibitor of influenza´s neuraminidase enzyme oseltamivir (Tamiflu) in combination with an interferons inductor Kagocel. The clinical efficacy of antiviral therapy was assessed in dynamic with the following parameters: the time of temperature normalization, the time of intoxication and catarrhal symptoms reducing, the frequency of the main clinical manifestations and the incidence of complications. The end point in the duration of symptoms assessing was the absence of symptoms of the disease within 24 hours. All therapy was within the limits of registered medical use for the drugs. Patients groups were equivalent in terms of admission to hospital, age, sex, and the length of treatment from the onset of the disease. The study demonstrated that the combination of drugs oseltamivir (Tamiflu) and umifenovir (Arbidol) with the antiviral agent Kagocel significantly increases the therapeutic efficacy compared with the corresponding monotherapy. Efficiency was proved with reducing the incidence of major clinical manifestations of indicators, reducing the duration of clinical symptoms and a decrease in the frequency of aggravations.


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