Babenko A.B.

A new species of the hammerae-group of the genus Anurida Laboulbène, 1865 (Collembola: Neanuridae) from Primorsky Krai

Number: 484, Pages: 9 - 16

Anurida octoculata sp. n. is described from a protected coniferous-broad-leaved forest of the Vladivostok Botanical Garden. The species belongs to the Beringian hammerae-group, which occupies a rather isolated position within the genus. The most characteristic feature of the new species is reduction of axial chaetotaxy, namely, the absence of setae p1 on all terga from Th.2 to Abd.4. Among the species of the group with a low number of ocelli, it shares this character with only two known congeners: A. reducta Fjellberg and A. narli Fjellberg, but it can easily be distinguished by the number of ocelli, the fine structure of the maxillary head, and peculiarities of chaetotaxy. New distribution data on A. hirsuta Babenko et Nakamori and A. elegans Babenko, Shveenkova et Kuznetsova are given also.

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