Rybalkin S.A., Beljaev E.A.

First data on the spring geometrid moths (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) of Kunashir Island, South Kuriles

Number: 482, Pages: 22 - 32

The late-spring fauna of geometrid moths (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) from Kunashir Island is considered for the first time. Thirty-six species are listed, among which one species, Myrioblephara cilicornaria (P√ľngeler, 1903) is recorded for the fauna of Russia for the first time, and 7 species are newly indicated for the Kuril Islands: Cleora leucophaea (Butler, 1878), Trichopteryx fastuosa Inoue, 1958, Trichopteryx terranea (Butler, 1878), Trichopteryx ussurica (Wehrli, 1927), Esakiopteryx volitans (Butler, 1878), Eupithecia clavifera Inoue, 1955 and Eupithecia daemionata Dietze, 1904.

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