Tselikh E.V., Lee J., Ku D.-S.

New data on the chalcid wasps of the family Pteromalidae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) from South Korea

Number: 482, Pages: 10 - 21

An annotated list of 22 species from 16 genera in the subfamilies Miscogasterinae, Pteromalinae and Trigonoderinae is given. Four genera (Glyphognathus Graham, 1956, Norbanus Walker, 1843, Oxysychus Delucchi, 1956 and Roptrocerus Ratzeburg, 1848) and 18 species of Pteromalidae are newly recorded from the fauna of South Korea. The males of Janssoniella kawabatai Tselikh, 2020 and Miscogasteriella vladimiri Tselikh, Lee et Ku, 2023 are described for the first time. Currently Pteromalidae of South Korea comprises 106 species belonging to 57 genera of four subfamilies.

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