Trilikauskas L.A., Sergeev M.E.

New records of spiders and harvestmen (Arachnida: Aranei, Opiliones) from Khingansky State Nature Reserve and adjacent territories, Amurskaya oblast, Russia

Number: 476, Pages: 8 - 19

An annotated list of spiders (65 species from 48 genera in 17 families) and harvestmen (five species from 5 genera in two families) of the Khingansky Reserve and adjacent territories is given. Two spider species (Cyclosa ginnaga and Diaea gyoja) are new for the fauna of Russia. Twenty six species of spiders and four species of harvestmen are new for the fauna of the Amurskaya Oblast. Thirty seven species of spiders and all harvestmen were recorded from Khingansky Reserve for the first time.

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