A. L. Ozerov

On Scathophagidae species (Insecta: Diptera), described by F. Hendel from the materials of the Swedish Kamchatka expedition 1920-1922.

Number: 174, Pages: 5 - 8

The lectotypes are designated for 5 species: Amaurosoma kamtschatkense, Amaurosoma variofemoratum, Cordylura apicata, Cordylura latigenis and Gonatherus fumipennis. The new synonyms are established: Cordilura fuscipes (Zetterstedt, 1838) = Cordylura apicata Hendel, 1930, syn. n. = Cordylura ochracea Hendel, 1930, syn. n. = Cordylura nigrithorax Hendel, 1930, syn. n.; Cordilura picticornis (Loew, 1864) = Cordylura latigenis Hendel, 1930 syn. n.; Gonatherus planiceps (Fallén, 1826) = Gonatherus fumipennis Hendel, 1930, syn. n.

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