Kaplin V.G.

A new species of the silverfish genus Allacrotelsa Silvestri, 1935 (Zygentoma: Lepismatidae) from Crimea

Number: 471, Pages: 19 - 28

Allacrotelsa taurica sp. n. is described from Crimea. New species is most similar to the Mediterranean A. kraepelini (Escherich, 1905) but differs from latter by the body size, morphological peculiarities of the structure of labial palps, pronotum, prostenum, legs, and ovipositor. New species is characterized by body length 8–11 mm (vs. about 14 mm in A. kraepelini), ratio of length to width of apical article of labial palp 1.8–2.0 (vs. about 2.4), pronotum with 5 + 5 lateral trichobotria (vs. 3 + 3 trichobotria), ratio of length to width of prosternum 1.10 (vs. 0.80), ratio of length to width of hind coxa of legs about 1.6 (vs. 1.3), and ovipositor of new species includes 31–32 articles (vs. 35–38 articles in A. kraepelini).

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