Storozhenko S.Yu.

A new tribe of the pygmy grasshoppers subfamily Cladonotinae (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae)

Number: 468, Pages: 16 - 18

New tribe Epitettigini trib. n. is proposed for five genera with uncertain tribal position within subfamily Cladonotinae. It consists of the genera Epitettix Hancock, 1907, Devriesetettix Tumbrinck, 2014, Ingrischitettix Tumbrinck, 2014, Pseudohyboella G√ľnther, 1938, and Yunnantettix Zheng, 1995. New tribe is most similar to the leaf-like tribe Cladonotini but differs from latter in the not leaf-like body, straight or weakly triangular anterior margin of the pronotum, which never covered head in dorsal view, the lacking of true scutellum, the upper and lower carinae of the fore and mid femora straight or weakly sinuate, and the third tarsal segment of the hind legs considerably shorter than first one.


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