D. Utsunomiya and K. Nakamura

Effects of anthropogenic disturbances on the flowering plant – insect pollinator system in Kanazawa Castle Park, Kanazawa, Japan.

Number: 162, Pages: 1 - 24

During last five years the Kanazawa Castle Park has been seriously disturbed by a park improvement project, including the creation of large flowerbeds. We monitored the pollination system there by a community approach with records of species, abundance and links of "all" flowering plants and flower-visiting insects during the period before (2000) and after (2001 and 2002) the flowerbed creation. Therefore, we could analyze the direct and indirect effects of the flowerbed creation on the pollination system. The direct effect was grassland destruction and the indirect effect was by garden plants planted in flowerbeds that took away pollinators from resident plants.

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