Far Eastern Entomologist is journal publishing original papers on entomology, including taxonomy, systematic, morphology, phylogeny, as well biology, ecology and biogeography. Reviews, comprehensive or revisionary studies of the insects thought other East Asia are especially welcome and will be given first priority for publication. Faunistic papers based on materials from the Russian Far East may be submitted also. Submission of a manuscript to Far Eastern Entomologist implies that the report is original, unpublished and is not being considered for publication elsewhere. Papers in languages other than English are not accepted.

Manuscripts must be type-written, double-spaced on one side of the standard-sized (A4, 21x30 sm.) white paper and submitted in one (text and figures) copy in a fully corrected form. Articles should be concise and the number of tables and figures limited to what is strictly necessary. Manuscripts should not exceed 16 pages (including figures and tables); additional printed pages are at the expense of the author(s).

Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the style and format of recent issues. (Current issues of Far Eastern Entomologist should be checked for style and format). An abstract should be followed by Key Words (2-7) and include no more than 100 words totally. Cite the author and year of publication of genera and species on first mention . The names of genera and species should be underlined. New description must confirm with the current edition of the Code of Zoological Nomenclature. If a new taxon is described, the institution or museum where the type material is deposited must be indicated. The description of new taxa on types deposited in personal collection will not be accepted.

References in the text, as follows: “Bey-Bienko (1932) states...” or “Bey-Bienko (1932: 25) states...” when the author wishes to refer to a specific page, or “(Bey-Bienko, 1932)” as the author of a statement. Joint authors must be connected by “&” in both the text and the references. When there is more then two authors use “et al.,” (Bey-Bienko et al., 1932) in the text. If journal names are not spelled out completely they should follow a consistent and accepted format.

Size of figures (including plates) as published should be less than 115 x 165mm. Illustration should be numbered in a single series throughout in Arabic numerals. Tables and legends must be typed on separate sheets and should be self-explanatory.

Manuscripts submitted are subject to review and editing by two anonymous reviewers and the Editor-in-Chief.

Twenty reprints of each article are provided free of charge to the first author. An order form and prices for additional reprints will be sent with the proofs.

Inquiries regarding content, subscription, manuscripts and copies should be sent to editor: S. Yu. Storozhenko, Institute of Biology and Soil Science, Vladivostok, 690022, Russia .

We recommend the electronic submission of a complete manuscript to our office (

The following transliterations of Russian alphabet should be used:

А - a

Е - e

К - k

П - p

Ф - f

Щ - shch

Б - b

Ж - zh

Л - l

Р - r

Х - kh

Ы - y

В - v

З - z

М - m

С - s

Ц - ts

Э - e

Г - g

И - i

Н - n

Т - t

Ч - ch

Ю - yu

Д - d

Й - i

О - o

У - u

Ш - sh

Я - ya