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2012 Rosmarinic acid and its derivatives: biotechnology and applications.
Bulgakov VP, Inyushkina YV, Fedoreyev SA.
в журнале Critical Reviews in Biotechnology
2012 Site-specific methylation in gene coding region underlies transcriptional silencing of the Phytochrome A epiallele in Arabidopsis thaliana
Rangani G., Khodakovskaya M.V., Alimohammadi M., Hoecker U., Srivastava V.
в журнале Plant Molecular Biology
2012 Some stromatic pyrenomycetous fungi from northern Thailand - I. Biscogniauxia, Camillea and Hypoxylon (Xylariaceae)
Vasilyeva L.N., Stephenson S.L., Hyde K.D., Bahkali A.H.
в журнале Fungal Diversity
2012 Surface Chemistry of Carbon Nanotubes Impacts the Growth and Expression of Water Channel Protein in Tomato Plants
Villagarcia H., Dervishi E., de Silva K., Biris .AS., Khodakovskaya M.V.
в журнале Small
2012 The rolB gene suppresses reactive oxygen species in transformed plant cells through sustained activation of antioxidant defense
Bulgakov VP ,Gorpenchenko TY , Veremeichik GN , Shkryl YN , Tchernoded GK , Bulgakov DV , Aminin DL and Zhuravlev YN
в журнале Plant Physiology
2011 A study of conflict between molecular phylogeny and taxonomy in the Desmidiaceae (Streptophyta, Viridiplantae): analyses of 291 rbcL sequences
Gontcharov A. A., Melkonian M. M.
в журнале Protist
2011 Arabidopsis thaliana calcium-dependent lipid-binding protein (AtCLB): a novel repressor of abiotic stress response
de Silva K, Laska B, Brown C, Sederoff HW, Khodakovskaya MV
в журнале Journal of Experimental Botany
2011 Beringia: Impact on paleoclimates of northeast Asia and North Pacific during Last Pleistocene glaciation
Pushkar V.S., Cherepanova M.V.
в журнале Quaternary International
2011 Complex genetic, photothermal, and photoacoustic analysis of nanoparticle-plant interactions
Khodakovskaya MV, de Silva K, Nedosekin DA, Dervishi E, Biris AS, Shashkov EV, Galanzha EI, Zharov VP
в журнале Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
2011 Convergent evolution of a symbiotic duet: the case of the lichen genus Polychidium (Peltigerales, Ascomycota)
Muggia L., Nelson P., Wheeler T., Yakovchenko L.S., Tonsberg T., Spribille T.
в журнале American Journal of Botany
2011 Epistasis in natural populations of a predominantly selfing plant
Volis S., Shulgina I., Zaretsky M., Koren O.
в журнале Heredity
2011 In Vivo Plant Flow Cytometry: A First Proof-of-Concept
Nedosekin D.A., Khodakovskaya M.V., Biris A.S., Wang D., Xu Y., Villagarcia H., Galanzha E.I., Zharov V.P.
в журнале Cytometry. Part A : the journal of the International Society for Analytical Cytology
2011 Induction of anthraquinone biosynthesis in Rubia cordifolia cells by heterologous expression of a calcium-dependent protein kinase gene
Shkryl Y.N., Veremeichik G.N., Bulgakov V.P., Zhuravlev Y.N.
в журнале Biotechnology and Bioengineering
2011 LAPT/IOPB chromosome data 12 / Ed. by Karol Marhold
Probatova N.S., Kazanovsky S.G., Rudyka E.G., Barkalov V.Vu., Seledets V.P., Nechaev V.A.
в журнале Taxon
2011 Molecular taxonomy and phylogenetic affinities of two groundwater amphipods, Crangonyx islandicus and Crymostygius thingvallensis, endemic to Iceland
Kornobis E., Pálsson S., Sidorov D.A., Holsinger J.R., Kristjánsson B.K.
в журнале Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution
2011 Mutation of Panax ginseng genes during long-term cultivation of ginseng cell cultures
Kiselev K.V., Shumakova O.A., Tchernoded G.K.
в журнале Journal of Plant Physiology
2011 Occurrence of a silicatein gene in glass sponges (Hexactinellida: Porifera).
Veremeichik G.N., Shkryl Y.N., Bulgakov V.P., Shedko S.V., Kozhemyako V.B., Kovalchuk S.N., Krasokhin V.B., Zhuravlev Y.N., Kulchin Y.N.
в журнале Marine Biotechnology
2011 Perspectives for production and application of resveratrol
Kiselev K.V.
в журнале Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
2011 Physiological responses induced in tomato plants by a two-component nanostructural system composed of carbon nanotubes conjugated with quantum dots and its in vivo multimodal detection
Alimohammadi M, Xu Y, Wang DY, Biris AS, Khodakovskaya MV
в журнале Nanotechnology
2011 Resveratrol content and expression patterns of stilbene synthase genes in Vitis amurensis cells treated with 5-azacytidine
Kiselev K.V., Tyunin A.P., Manyakhin A.Y., Zhuravlev Y.N.
в журнале Plant Cell Tissue and Organ Culture
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